Ship It! Saturday

[fa icon="calendar'] 1/12/14 12:32 AM / by Alnoor Pirani

Yesterday was Launch Academy’s first ever Ship it! Saturday, a day-long hackathon with the goal of creating something of value and launching it. Current and past launchers as well as members of the Ruby community in Boston were in attendance. It was an excellent way to use the skills I’m learning and switching gears for a day to refresh the mind.

For my project I wanted to create an open-sourced tool to improve how people consume information on mobile devices. I browse the web on my iPhone regularly and appreciate responsive design and love seeing fresh approaches to interaction design. I’m particularly interested in single-page interactive designs made possible by JavaScript. Here are some cool examples I’ve come across lately (compare desktop and mobile device to see what I mean):

I wanted to try my hand at creating a novel interaction suited for mobile devices using technologies that I’ve been learning. The system I created consists of animated tabs revealing pages of information that is suitable for a basic profile page or something similar. I used CSS3 animations combined with jQuery to achieve the effects. The site is hosted on GitHub Pages and anyone is welcome to fork it as well as contribute. Check out Tabtastic and let me know what you think.